Friday, March 26, 2010

MyKeePass 1.1 User's Manual

The manual of MyKeePass 1.1 can be downloded below:

I am still testing it myself. If I couldn't find big issues of it, I will submit this Sunday.

As version 1.1 combines KeePass 1.0 and 2.0 together, I have to rewrite the whole stuff. Hopefully, it would be at least as stable as version 1.0 :-)


  1. Awesome! I'm new to discover mykeepass and I'm looking forward to this release. Thanks for the work

  2. Hi. I think the app is great. One question about Dropbox though. With Quickoffice on iPhone I can access all my files even the ones not in the public folder. My iPhone is not jail broken. If you can do it in that app then surely Dropbox would allow you to use the same functionality in your app? Thanks again. Matt.

  3. Hi Med,
    Thanks a lot. I haven't got DropBox API yet. After I got it, I will use it in the application so that MyKeePass will be able to access DropBox private folders.

  4. Hi! Just bought your app and i like it alot! The only thing is the graphics, it needs an update! Got any plans for the folder icons?

  5. Hi Matte,
    Icons will be added next updates :-) (not in 1.10, maybe in 1.11)


  6. Your awesome! :)
    Noticed another thing..small thing doh..should´nt "username" "password" "website" "comments" and so on be with capital? "Username" "Password" ... ? I think it looks better anyway. :)

  7. This is really awesome. Thanks for your hard work! I'm excited for KDBX and Dropbox support whenever they release their API.

  8. MyKeePass 1.10 online! I´ll comment it tomorrow with my thoughts.

  9. Mykeepass bought and it's great.
    One idea: allow landscape mode when you enter the password (easier with the keyboard)

  10. I appreciate the great work and the manual! Thanks!

  11. Just downloaded to my wife's iPad, shortly will put it on my iPhone. Download from Desktop works great!

    Only concern is auto-type; possible?

  12. just downloaded your app and downloaded my dbx file from my desktop. It worked fine. 2 enhancement requests that would be VERY useful. 1. keep the file open for a specified amount of time. Always having to re-type my master passwork is quite timeconsuming. 2. Can you add the autotype capability that is in the open source versions?


  13. Problem when master password includes §:
    -Created a kdb-File with KeePass 1.23 with
    master password "§"
    -Upload From Desktop to iPhone MyKeePass 1.11
    -Try Open KeePass-File: Master password is not correct


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