Monday, March 22, 2010

MyKeePass 1.1 development progress :-)

Completed Features:
1) Added KeePass 2.0 support (read only);
2) Support Download KeePass File from Http Server (like DropBox);

I will release it after fixing some other issues and testing, hopefully in around 3 weeks;

A complete support of DropBox will not be available as DropBox hasn't released their API yet.

Some very early screenshots:


  1. Wann ist es denn mal in Deutschland verfügbar???? Ist es irgendwie möglich anderweitig daran zu kommen?

  2. Nice, i will buy it as soon as this release is out. All my DB are in KDBX format and i'm only interested to use them in read only.

    Thanks for your work.

  3. MyKeePass gibt es sehr wohl im deutschen App Store

  4. @xyz: du meinst vermutlich ikeepass. das wird wohl nie im deutschen store erscheinen...

    hier geht es aber um mykeepass und das ist schon lange im deutschen store erhältlich.

    cu icke

  5. Thanks for your effort! Are you planing on adding write support too?

  6. How do I come in the Menue of the first picture?

  7. The menu is not available in the current release. New release is still under development

  8. cannot import any version of my kdb/x files.
    How this app could be approved by apple?

  9. Great Tool

    I protected my KDBX-File with a very strong password because I want to load it up to Dropbox. I was really happy as the files from the web were supported by mykeepass. Unfortunately I have to enter this long password to enter my password safe.
    May you would like to build in a way that you can save your password and protect it with a extra password function as most online banking software does. And also a multitasking functionality would be great. So in my opinion mykeepass is one of the most useful iphone apps ever. Thank you for that great tool.

  10. Great little app.
    My only appears it is necessary to log back in each time after multitasking to Safari. This is quite frustrating as I store web page links with the passwords.
    Otherwise it's great to now have a mobile viewer of all my Keepass data.

  11. Thanks for the info! It is excellent program.

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