Friday, April 9, 2010

A new home of MyKeePass

I found had many nice features, especially it provided forum. So I decided to host MyKeePass there. Please use the address below to enter your comments and suggestions:

Thanks a lot!


  1. I have registered and have it forwarding to your existing wikidot page.

    If you would like full control of the domain name, please post your email and I'll get in contact with you to hand it over. :)

  2. My GREAT THANKS! to you.
    Ive been loathing for this app ever since.
    Im a heavy user of keepass.
    Yet i cant afford a keepass for iPhone.
    Too ironic, i can afford a 3g years ago.
    But now i cant even a paid app 99c.
    Someday ill just offer a donation.
    Once again thank you.

    -poor boy from Lilo-an, Philippines

  3. hello
    would like to know if keepass works well with IPHONE 4 (I had it on a Dell PDA - marvellous) but now with the iphone , I don't find a 4 version
    Thks a lot

  4. It works, but the updates are slow in coming. It really needs to be updated to support the multitasking so that the master password can be cached for a time period to allow returning to it to get passwords and locking after a timeout... MAJORLY needed feature.

  5. Did the app recently get pulled from the app store? If so, why and when can I start recommending it again to iPhone users?

  6. When will MyKeePass available on the German AppStore again?
    I need a version wich can understand the KeePass 2.x-database...

  7. unfortunately, mykeepass cannot read kdbx db's created with keepass version 2.15.
    Please fix this issue. It's a great app!

  8. I second the problem of not being able to read Keepass 2.15 DBs. A fix would be greatly appreciated.

  9. It still works if you export to KDB (1.x) format from Keepass 2.15, but native KDBX support would be preferable.

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  11. Hello!
    I use KeePass on my laptop and were looking for an app that could allow me to download the database to my iPhone and get both of them synchronized.
    MyKeePass seems to be the app I need, but there is one thing that freightens me: the upload of the database from the PC has to be done through the internet. And sending a file that keeps all my passwords to the internet is the last thing I am willing to do.
    Is there (or will be) any way to upload the desktop database through the USB connection?

    1. you can upload files from your PC to your iphone thru WLAN. You have to go to the MyKeepass Files section, choose the "+" sign and choose "Upload from desktop". Then it will show you an address, that you can enter into your internet browser on your desktop to upload a kdbx file

  12. Hi,

    since ios6 update (or maybe earlier) kdbx files on dropbox cannot be opened anymore. I always get the error "File is not supported (error code: UnsupportedVersion).

    The same error occurs, if you open a kdbx file that was saved by Keepass 2.20, even though the file was uploaded from the Desktop to MyKeepas on the iphone.

    I have removed one star from the app rating, please fix the above issues and I can give you again 4 stars. Once it is able to save the file to dropbox, I will give you 5 stars, because then I can bidirectionally sync between my destkop and iphone thru dropbox

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