Sunday, February 7, 2010

MyKeePass 1.0.1 available now, please update

Version 1.0.1 is a minor release. It provides the following features:
1. copy username/password and comments;
2. open Safari directly in MyKeePass with username or password copied;

Bug fix:
1. deleting entry sometimes causes application crash


  1. Awesome :) Another cool feature would be to search in different fields. For example, the search feature for us is the most useful on the website field.

  2. cool app after waiting a year for ikeepass i now a mykeepass use and finaly happy!

  3. Hello, thanks for the nice tool. But synchonize with my PC I need the compatibility to Version 2.X. What do you think will you alsl develop the app for this version and how long will it need?



  4. Thanks all.
    The .kdbx file is KeePass 2.0 file. Unfortunately, MyKeePass 1.0 doesn't support it (which is stated in application's description). I am really sorry about that. But I am currently working on 2.0, and hopefully, will submit it in next few months.
    For the support of searching in different fields. I will evaluate it, seeing how much it will affect user interface :-) But thanks for the suggestion

  5. I really hope you will continue to support keepass 1.0 files, since I use KeepassPortable at work and KeePassX at home. Both these apps only support 1.0 files.

  6. Feature request: mask passwords. They are always visible now.

  7. Hi Robert,
    Keepass 1.0 files will always be supported. Also, thanks a lot for the feature request. I will try to include it in the next updates.

  8. YOU ARE MY HERO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just bought your app !
    You really saved my life. I was waiting for ikeepass for over a year now, just to find out, that in the meantime you came up with the working solution !!!!
    Great stuff. I have a huge database with TAN also attachments ... and your version is just reading it and not crashing ... like other apps.... Anyhow it would be great, if I could see whether an entry is having attachments and ... now the wish, if you could extract that attachments and make them available on your webgui....

    Thanks for your great work !


  9. nice app, since ikeepass is still vaporware in europe....

    i found a bug:
    - if a entry has a lot of data in den comment field this data will corrupt display of the whole entry...
    feature request:
    - download keepass file from remote webserver (with support for authentication and https)

  10. Thanks for the bug submission. I will take a look at it.

    The support of remote webserver seems to be the most-request feature, I will add it in next few updates.

  11. I'd desperately need it, as I come from a Windows Mobile device in which I used KeePass, as well as on many Computer with different OS's.

    WHY DOES IT NOT WORK ON 1st gen iPod Touch?!?
    Please help me, I was so happy seeing finally a solution to my problem, but I can't install it :(

  12. thanks guys...
    one of the most useful app on iphone...
    i have been been waiting for months for this app...
    i don't know what they are doing with ikeepass but hey you did it!!!


    right now I am only happy... Keep it sleek and simple!!!

  13. It's GREAT that there's finally a Keepass app available in Germany... but it's impossible to get it on iPod touch (1G), since it says it requires a microphone!!

    These problem occured with other apps before, please make sure you declare it as available for iPod touch (any generation)!

  14. Hello DCF77,
    Thanks for providing the solution. I am going to test the application on ipod touch 1st gen, and will make it available if test passes.

  15. Just discovered your KeePass prog in appstore. Great! Simple interface and it works really good! Finally an international version of the best password tool in the world.... THNX!

  16. Do you support syncing the kdb files with dropbox?

  17. Hello Kiran,
    The current release doesn't support dropbox.

  18. Nice work DuckPond.

    Just installed your newest v1.02 with one small issue showing up. It is minor but in fields where the text wraps to multiple lines, the GUI rows don't expand quite enough to hold the text entirely. The text bleeds into the nest cell slightly. I notice it mostly in URL and comment fields


  19. Where is the software? I cannot seem to find it in iTunes Store, I am based in the UK.

  20. I'll buy this and compare it with ikeepass once you get the dropbox/webserver function. I use ikeepass with dropbox a lot at the moment because I use 4 diff computers.

  21. Excellent job. I can work with it and it is now better than ikeepass, and therefor better than all other password apps for iPhone/itouch out there!

  22. dear, I cannot find Mykeepass or Ikeepass on the Itunes store, any idea what happened? I like the functioning with dropbox on pc, android, but now i would like to have it on my ipad as well

  23. Is there a chance that MyKeepass will come back to the Apple store???

  24. I need the App to reinstall it on my iPhone. We the last back-up installation I had to do, I lost the App and I lost all my Data. I know, the Data have been saved. But I need the App to red them. Please help.
    Gerald Bost

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