Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MyKeePass 1.0 is available now

I am glad that MyKeePass is approved by Apple :-)
This very first version provides features below:
  1. View/Edit KeePass 1.0 password files;
  2. Import/Export KeePass files to your desktop;
  3. Search password entries;
Please be aware that if your KDB file contains large attachments, this application could be slow to encrypt the file. So it is recommended you don't use this tool to EDIT big KDB files (>10M)

Supporting of MyKeePass 2.0 and more features are currently under development.

Thanks a lot for using MyKeePass!


  1. Can you post some details on how to import/export the datafile? This app looks much cleaner than iKeepass and I look forward to using it. Thanks.

  2. Importing a kdb-file, I receive "file not supported"!
    It's a Keepass-file Version 1!
    So it just doesn't work!
    Have Fun with my 79 Eurocents... :-(

  3. Hey, I can't install it on my iPod Touch 1G because the microphone is missing.
    What the hell needs a microphone?

    I was waiting 2 years for this application and totally happy to have it. And now it's not working. Please help me with reducing the minimum requirements!

  4. Fabulous ! This is what I've been waiting for ! It might be better to allow to copy passwords without edit. I don't want to edit .kbd on my iPhone.

  5. 1. I will give a detailed tutorial on how to import/export datafiles; please give me one extra day;
    2. Sorry that the file is not recognized; if you would like to send the file to me (with fake password entries) to mykeepass AT gmail DOT com; I will take a look at it;
    3. This application doesn't require microphone & the ipod touch I used to test doesn't have a microphone either. Are you using the correct version of iphone OS?
    4. The Copy & Paste has been implemented already. I will roll it out the next update

    February 7, 2010 10:45 AM

  6. Hello, what do you think when will it be possible to synchronize mykeepass with keepass 2.*? Will there also be soon a German version?


  7. Where can i get the sourcecode? Keepass is licenced under GPL so you Must Share the Source to others!

  8. Hello, code is under development to read keepass 2.* data files, and I have made some process. As it is my after-hours project, I cannot guarantee its progress. But I am trying to roll it out ASAP, hopefully, we can see it after 2-3 months.

    To @peter,
    MyKeePass didn't make any use of KeePass or KeePassX's code. I don't know if it required or if it is a "Must" to share my code. But if you read my earlier post, I am willing to publish my code, and am working on it. So please be patient.

  9. I'm trying to upload my password file from KeePass on my desktop to MyKeePass on my iPhone. The file as the extension ".kdbx". While from the desktop browser the upload seems to work, the file doesn't show-up in MyKeePass. Any thoughts on how I can fix the problem?

  10. The .kdbx file is KeePass 2.0 file. Unfortunately, MyKeePass 1.0 doesn't support it (which is stated in application's description). I am really sorry about that. But I am currently working on 2.0, and hopefully, will submit it in next few months.

  11. It now works fine! I had to deselect gzip-compression on my Desktop-Version! Thank you for this nice App!

  12. I have the same problem.

    I am using the most actual OS Version.
    But MyKeepass is unfortunately not working with 1st. Generation iPod Touch.

    Message with missing microphone occurs.

    Would Be great if you could help.

  13. Hello,
    I am sorry that I don't have 1st gen ipod touch for the troubleshooting. But may I ask what version of ipod OS you are using? An unsupported version might be the reason


  14. I have used KeepPass for sometime on my Mac and PC, and I am delighted to find this. This allows me to have one file between my home Mac, my work PC, and my iPad.

    I'm taking a course in iOS development. Hopefully I will learn enough to volunteer for development of V2.